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coprime: Austin Jackson doing what he does best (Detroit Tigers baseball)
Sunday, October 20th, 2013 12:53 pm
I'm really happy about the request I was matched on! It is totally something in my wheelhouse plus room for a bit of stretching if I want. It's even a fandom I thought about requesting because I want what my recipient is asking for. This fandom needs all the fic; I don't know why it doesn't have more. (I ended up not requesting it because I decided I would have been slightly less enthusiastic about receiving fic from it as opposed to the four things I did request. So this seems about perfect. ^^)

It's a good thing I am so excited about my assignment because the Tigers have left me with a big sighhhhhh. That was not a good end to the season, guys! I think things would have ended differently had Cabrera been healthy. And he certainly did his best, so I'm not faulting him. (Except when he ignored the third base coach's sign to stop and then got out at home plate. That was not a good decision.) But we really didn't look like a championship team once we clinched the playoffs.
coprime: Austin Jackson doing what he does best (Detroit Tigers baseball)
Thursday, October 18th, 2012 09:07 pm
The Tigers are going to the World Series, woo-hoo! \o/ \o/ \o/!

Between this, Cabrera winning the Triple Crown (seventeenth ever to do so, last winner in 1967), Cabrera probably winning MVP (finally and which he so deserves), and Delmon Young at last learning how not to swing at balls, it has been good to be a Tigers fan for the past month and a half.

...I definitely need to make myself a baseball icon of some sort the next time I have free time.
coprime: Austin Jackson doing what he does best (Detroit Tigers baseball)
Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 02:38 am
Life has been...stressful lately. Mostly because my union's been pushed to the point where we get to have a strike authorization vote. And, while no group represented by my union has had to actually strike in almost twenty years, I would not be surprised if we break that streak given how things have been going at my work for the past two years. It is all so much ughhhh and arghhh.

(I also can't read anything about the NHLPA's contract negotiations without giving myself low-level anxiety for the rest of the day.)

The work issues have been really draining, so I've been feeling even more introverted than usual for the past couple months. But the past two weekends I hung out with a friend I hadn't seen in a while and had a good time. So go me for forcing myself to make plans and stop ignoring my friends.

Yesterday was a really nice day though. The BF gave me my Christmas present early: breakfast (pancakes because I'd been wishing for some earlier in the week), a women's style Austin Jackson jersey (that I look very cute in, if I may say so), and tickets to the Tigers game that day. It was ♥super romantic♥. The weather was just about perfect for a ball game - a little cool when the sun was hidden and occasional rain sprinkles, but not uncomfortable - and the only thing that could have made it better would have been a win. (I will be sad if Cabrera is denied winning MVP finally because the Tigers failed to make the playoffs.) It makes me smile remembering it.

I was sort of productive technologically today. I redid my journal style so that it is now spiffy and pretty, I got the FM radio working on my stereo, I finally updated the music on my iPod, and I may have bricked my wireless router trying to update it (it was only working intermittently prior to the possible bricking). I'll retackle the router tomorrow because I only have so much energy to devote to troubleshooting it.
coprime: animated icon of a boy reading intensely and then shouting "But I don't want it to be over!!" (books)
Sunday, August 5th, 2012 10:42 pm
I always enjoy writing up my thoughts about the books I've read, but I never seem to stick to it long-term. So here goes try number three at making it stick.

Ladies of Lantern Street #1: Crystal Gardens - Amanda Quick*
I wanted so much to like this book but in the end there were too many things that left me rolling my eyes for it to be more than okay. All of the dialogue, but especially Evangeline's, came across as affected and unrealistic to my ear. The constant use of the twee word "psychical" didn't help either. The romance between Evangeline and Lucas lacked any sort of tension. Lucas very quickly realized that he wanted to marry her and then that was it for his romantic plot arc, while Evangeline said the relationship would end after the danger was taken care of but then acted exactly the opposite. There were several plot points that just felt like they were never explored as fully as they should have been so that when they got wrapped up at the end, it all felt too neat - the final confrontation between Lucas and Judith, the confrontation with the murderer that included six pages of dialogue explaining the murderer's motivation, and the really cute secondary romance that got one scene devoted to it before the couple ended up happily engaged offscreen. The last was especially disappointing because I would have liked to see more of them. They seemed surprisingly well-suited to each other, but all I got was that one scene.

There were good bits - the different suspense plots were interesting, and I always enjoy seeing family and friends work together and help each other - but so many things threw me out of the story that I couldn't immerse myself like I normally do and that significantly decreased my enjoyment of this book. I really did want to like it too.

Flight v3 - Kazu Kibuishi, ed.
This is a collection of short comics by about twenty-five different artists spanning a variety of styles, genres, and emotional tones. I was very surprised by the quality in this volume; I thoroughly enjoyed around two-thirds of the stories. The other third mostly had the problem (for me) of me either not understanding the comic or finding it a bit dark for my taste. And there was one comic I vehemently disagreed with. (I don't care what a stranger looks like, if I find them with their hand inside my purse, I am assuming they're stealing from me and I really don't think I should be faulted for that.) I would definitely enjoy reading the other Flight collections.

Hereville v1: How Mirka Got Her Sword - Barry Deutsch
I originally read the 57-page webcomic version of this (that has since disappeared off the internet) and enjoyed it so much that I knew I wanted to get it in dead tree form as well, especially since the book was over twice as long. I have a feeling that one can read the book's subtitle ("Yet Another Troll-Fighting 11-Year-Old Orthodox Jewish Girl") and pretty much know whether this is the sort of thing one wants to read or not. I loved everything about it: the art, Mirka and her stubbornness, her family, the look at Orthodox Judaism (something I know little about), and especially how Mirka finally won her sword.

Sector General #1-3: Beginning Operations - James White
This is an omnibus of the first three Sector General novels, and after reading this I am eager to get the rest of the series. The Sector General novels are science fiction stories set aboard a gigantic hospital in space. The first novel was a bunch of independent short stories while the other two were more of a novel being presented through linked short stories. I loved the imagination shown in the different types of aliens and in the mysteries presented by their symptoms. I never once felt that these medical mysteries were getting repetitive or predictable.

The only annoying bits were a fair amount of repetitive descriptions (Everything was originally written as short stories that got independently published and then gathered into novel-length format. So explanations regarding the hospital in general and some of its tech and the more common aliens just gets repeated nearly word-for-word.) and a really jarring bit of sexism. The first short story written was written in the 1950s, and I know a lot of older science fiction really doesn't do too well on the "female characters are people too" test. Sector General surprised me by feeling like it could have been written within the last twenty years. Until I got to the bit where Earth-human females can't use this one particular bit of important technology because our brains are too emotional and using it would drive us insane. So there's like five hundred pages of awesome alien medical mysteries, twenty pages of repeated descriptions, and one page of sexist crap.

I dealt with it by just ignoring that one page, but other people's mileage may vary.

Life Behind the Mask: Memoir of a Youth Baseball Umpire - Michael Schafer*
I'm not sure why LibraryThing matched me with this book (I don't have many sports-related books or memoirs in my library.), but I'm really glad it did. I took my time reading it, enjoying it leisurely, and letting the author's love for the game sink in. The author explains many of baseball's more complicated rules and uses those rules as an excuse to tell stories about some of the more memorable games he's umpired for. I'm only a casual baseball fan, but I never had problems understanding the author's explanations. I came away from this book with a greater appreciation of the game of baseball as well as a greater understanding of the game.

*I won a copy of this through LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program.
coprime: Austin Jackson doing what he does best (Detroit Tigers baseball)
Saturday, July 7th, 2012 05:09 pm
Man, life got busy the past couple months! Lots of (good) family stuff + my car broke + questions about the BF's work + working out a living situation for the next year left me drained.

I have been keeping up with the Tigers though. We were in a pretty bad slump during April/May, but it seems like we've finally (slowly) climbed out of it. It helps that I've adjusted my expectations from "we were division champs last year" levels to "we're the Tigers" levels. Much less stressful and I get to be pleased when we finally get a .500 record.

Austin Jackson, who's been my fave Tiger since he was a rookie, is doing real well in his leadoff batting spot. And I'm so happy for him because batting was his weakness in previous seasons. And he's not only improved significantly but he's also very reliable now. And Quintin Berry! We brought him up from the minors in May when Jackson got injured, but he did so good that we kept him around even after Jackson came back. I have fun watching them play, along with Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder. Cabrera has also been doing much better at third base than I think anyone expected.

The bottom half of our batting order is less fun to watch, and we don't really have a second baseman who's any good, but that's fine. Even Delmon Young hits home runs sometimes.

In hockey news, I am not really keeping up with all the trading and signing and dealing because I don't think I can form a defendable opinion until I see everyone playing together. I am sad that the Wings lost the Parise & Suter sweepstakes, but oh well. I do have a five minute rant with bullet points that I wish I could give to every caller on the sports radio station who says we should "just go down [to Columbus] and get Nash" about why that is both not happening and not a good idea. Everyone else though I am content to wait and see about.
coprime: Valtteri Filppula's pretty face (Red Wings hockey)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 11:57 pm
...I made myself a hockey icon! Oh yeah, I am totally on the ball. Who knows, maybe it'll get used over the summer when I use hockey as a distraction because I'd forgotten how incredibly stressful baseball is.

The game moves so slow and one wrong pitch can turn a 3-2 game into a 3-5 and you have to sit through twenty pitches like that and oh god what if Valverde blows it because he hasn't been that hot so far this year and aughhhh. Only 147 games left in the regular season, so summer totally won't be stressful at all.

Or maybe I'll just constantly distract myself with this video of Tigers commentator Rod Allen. )

I was quite pleased that I was able to make this icon in about fifteen minutes on my new computer. It's simple, but that's the type of icon I like to have. And it didn't have me tearing my hair out in frustration trying to figure out how to use a graphics program that's honestly far more powerful than I need. (I am still ridiculously chuffed with the colorized Mushishi icon I made using said overpowered program.) I have had my new computer almost a month now, and I am so happy with it now that it's pretty much all set up. I can watch video on it without any trouble, and I organized my files with the move over from the old computer, and there are tons of other shiny, little improvements.

I am sad about the fact that there's no more Red Wings hockey until next season because they all tried so hard and it just wasn't enough. In my heart, they're still the best. I'm continuing to watch the playoffs in a sort of offhand way because I want Nashville to lose, like maybe if they lose in the second round then it'll make us losing in the first round okay somehow.
coprime: Valtteri Filppula's pretty face (Red Wings hockey)
Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 11:38 pm
Ahhh, we keep coming thisclose to winning and then failing to. So far this series whoever has more shots on goal is the one that loses, and Nashville is beating us 3-1. I wasn't really expecting the Wings to have a serious run for the cup, but I was hoping we could at least advance to Round 2. (We still could! It will be tough though.) We are kind of worn down as a team though, poor Cleary and Helm. I did really like how the crowd at Joe Louis Arena booed Weber every time he had the puck.

I think I need to try my hand at icon making once more, given how much I keep talking about hockey. Probably of Filppula, who I sort of randomly decided was my favorite. He's a good, solid player for the most part and probably the most attractive player on the team. This is not saying much, I know, given the average attractiveness of hockey players.

The Tigers are doing pretty good, which is nice, I suppose. I mean, if I can only have one sports team win a night, I'd prefer it to be the Red Wings since they're in the playoffs now and the Tiger's regular season is just starting. But I will take my wins where I can get them, haha. And Austin Jackson, my favorite on the Tigers, is doing much better at batting this year. Which makes me happy because he was really...not that great at batting last year.

And in much more squeeful fandom news, I finally got to watch the first episode of The Legend of Korra, and it was the bestest! So amazing! I want to watch the rest right now because everyone and everything in it is awesome.

I participated in a 5K run/walk (I walked) last Sunday. It was fun! Even despite the rain in the morning before the race. My dad, brother D, and his wife all walked too, so it was nice to see them. My ankles were so sore the next day though; I am out of shape.
coprime: an awesome lady stepping out of a boat (Default)
Friday, March 23rd, 2012 09:07 pm
I have been utterly apathetic about sports for the past quarter of a century, and now I find that I have all sorts of opinions on things. I keep giving myself a mental side eye because I am not really sure how this happened.

For example, I am looking forward to baseball season starting! Mostly because I think the announcers for the Detroit Tigers are hilarious. I'm not sure if them spouting any random thought that pops into their heads is just due to the nature of baseball (162 games in the regular season with a lot of spots where not much is happening = lots of air time to kill) of if they're especially bad about it, but it made last year's season lots more fun once I figured out I should actually listen to the announcers.

Also, Prince Fielder is growing on me -- he is like a smiley teddy bear! -- even if I think he's overpriced. (He is, but that's what it takes in order to convince good players to play for the Tigers.) I'm going to miss Victor Martinez though. And apparently Brandon Inge says he's not going to suck this year?

As for hockey, it's been really nice to see Datsyuk playing again. ♥ He's still just as amazing at puck stealing/handling as he ever was. Still really missing Lidstrom though, and I can't help but feel that him being injured for the past month means he'll retire at the end of the season. And that if Lidstrom retires, Holmstrom will retire too. And that will be sad for the team.

On the other hand, the Wings have a number of younger/rookie players that I think will eventually shape up to be really good players. Like, I think Justin Abdelkader's been doing good and Brendan Smith has a lot of potential in him. Jiri Hudler being decent this year still confuses me though. Also I sort of adore Cory Emmerton for his desire to troll everyone (but especially Brendan Smith).

And I don't care about football (I refuse), but I still have opinions about the New Orleans Saints bounty thing. Very passionate feelings that I'm only subjecting the BF to because I don't want to start wank on Facebook.