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Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 11:46 pm
Canon: Justice League
Pairing: J'onn Jonzz/Clark Kent
Canon Level: Colleagues/Friends

Clark and J'onn are both characters who have a lot of metaphorical weight to them, which I think makes for a good basis for companionship between them. J'onn is the last of his kind, alone and mourning, observing this strange world he finds himself on that he can never quite fit in. And Clark is Superman, with a core of goodness and kindness so intrinsic to him that it's a little intimidating. And, for all that he loves his parents and his childhood, he's also a lone alien on Earth making the best of his situation. There's something sweet about the idea of Clark inviting J'onn into his personal life and sharing his family with J'onn and all of the Kents making a place for J'onn in their lives. Clark can't replace J'onn's family, but maybe they're both a little less lonely with each other.

Suggested reading:
To Hear The Angels Sing by [ profile] mtgat
Something to Talk About by [ profile] fresne
Grace in a loveless time by [ profile] Teland (archive-locked)
Shining, Shimmering, Splendid by [ profile] DoreyG
coprime: two game-obsessed, winning-obsessed nerds (ships that I ship)
Monday, April 17th, 2017 09:28 pm
Canon: Justice League Unlimited
Pairing: Huntress/The Question
Canon Level: Dating

For who they are, the Question and Huntress are actually rather cute together. Huntress is a lot more ruthless than a lot of superheroes and the Question is a paranoid conspiracy nut, but they work somehow. Helena takes Vic seriously without necessarily buying into all of his theories, while Vic helps Helena with her demons. They back each other up in a world where neither of them has many allies.

Suggested reading:
By Any Other Name by Anonymous
In the Wee Small Hours by [ profile] dotfic
Paragon by [ profile] thecryingwillow
Diamonds and Hearts by [ profile] MiraMira
coprime: two game-obsessed, winning-obsessed nerds (ships that I ship)
Monday, February 13th, 2017 07:48 pm
Canon: Justice League Unlimited
Pairing: Shining Knight/Vigilante
Canon Level: Coworkers/Friends

I honestly do not remember much about this one beyond dearly wishing there was more fic for these two a decade ago back when the cartoon was airing. But, if I recall correctly, they were often shown working together in the background and had some quality banter when they actually got lines and were generally shown to be friends. And they were a somewhat unlikely pair of friends with Shining Knight being very chivalrous and Vigilante being more of a lone maverick, and well, Unlikely Friends Who Work Well Together is basically catnip for me.

Suggested reading:
Shining by [ profile] doctorv

...I try to not repeat a suggested author within a ship (across multiple ships is fair game) but basically everything else for these two is nigh unreadable, so here have Happy Ever After and Theoretical Chemistry, both by [ profile] doctorv and both enjoyable.
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Sunday, September 25th, 2005 12:55 am
One nice thing about being back at school is watching cartoons all Saturday night long with my roommate. I'm really liking Naruto, although Sakura's annoying. (She's too hypocritical for my tastes. Plus, it always annoys me when a character thinks she can change someone else with her love.) Zatch Bell and One Piece both continue to be annoying and slightly disturbing. Futurama, Inu-Yasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Samurai Champloo continue to be cool.

There were two eps of Justice League Unlimited, and I was surprised. I really liked them! I loved what they did with J'onn since it makes sense. Even though I'll miss him, it's better than what would have happened if he didn't take a vacation. Also, Flash hugged him when he left! So cute! (My biggest gripe about JLU is the complete lack of Flash. That one little scene totally made up for the lack in that ep [but not the series].)

And, Teen Titans totally rocked! How much do I love Teen Titans? THIIIIIIS MUCH!!! (Yes, my love really does need three exclamation marks.) I loved the difference between Robin and Mento's styles of leadership, especially since it seemed to highlight how while the Doom Patrol may have raised Beast Boy, the Titans are more of a family. I thought it was weird that they occasionally refered to the Doom Patrol members by name. It's the first time (that I remember) that anyone's had two names given in the show. (Slade goes by his actual name, but he's also never called Deathstroke. So, Slade functions as a codename. [I thought that was his codename when I first watched because I'd never read any comics at that point in time.]) And giving the Doom Patrol names is weird because it'll be off if they never refer to Beast Boy as Gar. But they can't because then he'll be the only Titan to have a name other than their superhero name.

Oh well, I ramble. Am eagerly waiting forward to next Saturday so I can see the end of tonight's ep.

Hee, the roommate and I are now watching Firefly. Mwahahaha, she is my third(ish) convert!
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Saturday, January 29th, 2005 11:30 pm
My mom is making gumbo, and it smells really good. I want some now, but it's not ready. And I'm hiding in my room at the moment.

So I read comics now. Authority Revolution 04, Cable & Deadpool 11, Green Arrow v3 46, Justice League Unlimited 05, Legends of the Dark Knight 187, Legion of Super-Heroes v5 02, Madrox 05, Nightwing 101-102 , Robin 134, Teen Titans Go! 15, Teen Titans v3 20, and Ultimate Fantastic Four 15, specifically.

Comic ramblings behind here. )

And I watch cartoons. The new Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited.

Toon ramblings behind here. )

...Yeah. Me != deep.
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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003 01:04 pm
Just finished watching "Wild Card." Spent a good deal of the time going, "Eww, Green Lantern/Hawkgirl." Like, any time either one of those two were on the screen. The ep did give me some good Flash moments too. And I might've screamed, "No~!" in my mind when the final bomb went off. But shh, I'm a big enough dork as it is.

And Hawkgirl/GL bugs me for more reasons than just interfering with GL/Flash. It's just... not being handled well, since I can't see why either of them likes the other. (Or, at least, I can't see any reasons that are unique to Hawkgirl and GL. Because say GL likes how Hawkgirl's able to take care of herself. Wonder Woman can as well. See what I'm saying? Maybe?) I also can't see the relationship working out long-term and don't see those two going for a fling.
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Sunday, November 23rd, 2003 11:51 am
I've started watching this show, and good Lord, is it addicting. I'm in the process of trying to acquire all the episodes for my computer. 'Cause yeah.

I have much love for the Green Lantern, with Flash as a runner-up. The Green Lantern kicks ass and is all tough and yeah. It's hard to describe why I like him so much, but I think it's because while he is extremely tough, he's also got quite the soft side and isn't ashamed of it. Because he doesn't give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks about him.

And Flash just amuses me to no end. Especially how he's the fastest man alive, but it's rather easy for someone to run verbal circles around him. Also, I cannot hear anything of Lex Luthor from Smallville in his voice, which is a testament to Michael Rosenbaum's acting abilities. Then there's the fact that while Flash may occasionally (okay, a lot of the time) do some rather stupid things, he's incapable of being evil. Any of the others, Batman and Superman especially I feel, could potentially cross that line. But not Flash.

So of course, I spend a good part of my time slashing GL and Flash. And yes, "The Brave and the Bold" and "Metamorphosis" are two of my favorite episodes. The first is obvious being very GL- and Flash-centric; in the second, GL spends the episode avoiding every scrap of heterosexuality thrown his way. Which amuses me so very, very much.

Some might argue that the writers are stting up Hawkgirl as GL's love interest, but they seem to be good friends more than anything to me. So that's how I write that off.

One other thing. Here, they say that GL's more complicated ring constructs in "Secret Society" might have been because of fan complaints. And, actually, the more complicated ring constructs bug me. I see the simplicity as part of GL's personality. As in, why expend the energy to make something complicated when something simple will do just as well? No, really. Why should he make a giant monster with nasty teeth when making a giant rake-like object would do the exact same thing and be easier to sustain? So that's my little gripe.