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Saturday, March 25th, 2017 12:22 pm
Canon: The Dark Is Rising
Pairing: Bran Davies/Will Stanton
Canon Level: Friends

So the ending to the Dark Is Rising series is a bit sad, what with everyone but Will forgetting all their adventures and Will being the only one to remember because he's the last of his kind and it is his burden to remember. This fate is especially sad for Bran, the weird kid unsure of his purpose and unliked by most everyone he knows, because he finally found out what his deal was and came into his own only for it all to be stripped from him. It isn;t fair, and it doesn't seem right. (I had strong feelings regarding Bran back when I first read these books, and it looks like I still have strong feelings about Bran.) Which means on the one hand, you have Bran the outsider who has no idea why, and on the other hand you have Will the outsider who knows exactly why. And I think it would be great if instead they could remember together so that neither is alone. With added kissing.

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