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coprime: an awesome lady stepping out of a boat (Blue ring octopus)
Wednesday, February 9th, 2005 01:12 am
My roommate's going on about how the twist in tonight's Big O is really awesome. Roger gets bonked on the head, and when he wakes up he's a homeless, crazy guy in NYC. All I can think is that, hey, Buffy did a similar thing and I was much more interested in Buffy than I am in Big O. ...Dude, TNG did a similar trick in "Shades of Grey" I think it was-- the one where Riker thinks he's going crazy and he gets to play a crazy guy in Beverly's play and he gets captured by someone. Yeah, that one. So my roommate keeps saying how cool this is, and I am thinking that it's been done several times before. It's nifty, but not new.

...It would probably help if I could take this show seriously. I know it's all noir and looking at the idea of memory and all sorts of stuff that actually is nifty. But it's called Big O, for Pete's sake. The main character yells "Big O, go!" into his watch on a regular basis. Just now, Roger said, "Big O was waiting for me." How can I not snicker?

::thinks:: I bet it says something about me that I never cease to be amused anytime anyone says "Big O" in this show.