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Saturday, May 5th, 2012 03:37 pm
I am the worst combination of technological simpleton and internet power user. I don't really know coding or javascript or CSS, but I want everything to work/look exactly how I want it to. I have apparently ignited a desire to make all of the internet look better since that's what I've been doing all last night and this morning/afternoon. I am getting better at creating frankencode though, so I guess that's a plus?

I have:
-gotten annoyed that I can no longer quickly look up a URL on Delicious (thus kicking everything off)
--attempted to modify the Pinboard URL look-up bookmarklet to work for Delicious
---created something that almost worked but not really
----found a bookmarklet made by someone else that actually works
-----successfully edited said bookmarklet so that it doesn't open in a new tab

-edited my webpage color zapping bookmarklet so it zaps things into colors that don't hurt my eyes
--with the caveat that I couldn't figure out how to get hexadecimal colors to work, just HTML color names

-decided to tackle AO3 after having been buoyed by these successes
--failed to find any already created userscripts that both did something I liked and worked
---looked at AO3's create skin page and skittered away in fear
----browsed all the public skins and found some that did things I liked but weren't just right
-----went back to the create skin page
------successfully combined the bits I liked, deleted the bits I didn't like, edited the colors, and even created a tiny bit

AO3 looks glorious now! )

I am so incredibly pleased with everything (but especially the AO3 skin because putting it all together was a lot of work for me) because now the internet feels a little bit more right.
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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 07:51 pm
Is it wrong that I always get incredibly excited whenever I find a Firefox extension that fixes some niggly behavior to how I like it? Today, it's the ability to permanently sort my bookmarks -- and I can specify which folders I want to sort and how! -- thanks to SortPlaces. Now if only there was an extension so I could easily create duplicate bookmarks (ideally with also telling me when I was about to do so), my day would be made.

The Best of the Spirit - Will Eisner
I figured something labelled "The Best of" would make for a good introduction to one of the most influential comics ever, and I was right! This was amazing. Just incredibly innovating and imaginative and good even when compared to current-day stuff. Not that everything today is good, but The Spirit manages to be unique even when compared to sixty years worth of comics. My favorite thing about The Spirit is the same thing I love about Mushishi. All the stories are focused on people in them, rather than on Eisner's cool idea or neat art or some other bell and whistle that exists to show off and doesn't actually help tell the story. (Something that is, sadly, not as common as I would like.)

God Save the Queen - Mike Carey
This was a gift from a friend, and she got it for me because I really like Lucifer, a different title by Mike Carey. And those sorts of reads are always a bit of a crapshoot, so it was nice that I did enjoy this, mostly because of the art. (Drug use, which isn't something I like to read about generally, features heavily, and I found the heroine unlikable until about two-thirds of the way into the story.) All the pages are painted by John Bolton and are surprisingly realistic yet pretty. I have a feeling that his art is an example of photo referencing done right, but I can't find anything to confirm that he does that. In any case, the art has a slight static quality due to the fact that it's painted and referenced, but it grew on me quickly as I read.

Mushishi v6 - Yuki Urushibara
Finally, a volume with stories that weren't made into episodes for the anime! Because, okay, I adored revisiting the stories as each volume came out, but having completely new material to read is wonderful. "The Chirping Shell" I found charming, and I dare others to find the idea of seashells chirping like birds anything other than charming. "The Hand that Pets the Night" was a surprisingly creepy horror story (surprising because I rarely classify Mushishi stories as horror). "Under the Snow" was nicely uplifting even as it dealt with sibling grief, although I had to reread a few scenes because I didn't realize they were flashbacks the first time. And "Banquet in the Farthest Field" was a neat exploration of the lives of mushishi.
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Thursday, October 9th, 2008 11:33 pm
I only upgrade software reluctantly because every time I do, the program breaks or loses usability or just finds some way to piss me off. But FF2 is going to stop getting security updates in a few months and nearly all of my add-ons said they were FF3 compatible, so I figured it was time to bite the bullet.

Installing FF3 somehow turned on caret browsing, which I didn't even know you could do in a browser. (See what I mean about programs finding ways to annoy me?) Some fonts are now different but not unreadably so.

Neither Read Easily nor Repagination are compatible, which I knew when I upgraded so okay. Tab Mix Plus 0.3.7 does funky things with my tabs, but 0.3.6 isn't compatible, so that's now disabled. Livejournal Addons can no longer update itself to show if there are any unread items, but the rest of the featues I use seem to work. The biggest annoyance is that Ljlogin can no longer log me in.

I do really like the bookmarks interface, and the new theme I'm using is really growing on me. Also, typing in the Bookmarks drop-down actually brings me to what I type. In FF2, I'd type "g" and it would jump to the folder labeled "jobs/work" rather than "games"; now it goes to "games"! And this makes navigating my bookmarks so much easier, so I am excited about this.

Overall, after using FF3 for a few hours and calming down from how frustrated I was originally, I am mostly pleased with the upgrade, with the exception of Ljlogin being broken. I shall have to poke around and try to fix it. (I haven't mentioned the new address bar because I'm not entirely sure what I think about it yet and need to use it more.)

ETA: Ha! Managed to figure out what was wrong with Ljlogin by poking around the internet.

ETA 2: And the fix for Ljlogin also fixed Livejournal Addons! Sweet.