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Monday, September 1st, 2014 01:00 am
Hrmm, normally whenever I tweak my AO3 skin, I am like, "Oh yeah, baby, look at that [whatever I changed], so gorgeous." But not so much this time, and I am unsure if it's because I do not like what I changed in general or because I changed the color of something while doing it. (I found some CSS that made it so that the background color of relationship tags didn't also affect the background color of the surrounding spaces and tag separators. And then I changed the background color to something I thought I would like more.)

I'll give it a week or so, and if I am still side-eying things I suppose that means I should change it back.
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Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 02:38 am
Life has been...stressful lately. Mostly because my union's been pushed to the point where we get to have a strike authorization vote. And, while no group represented by my union has had to actually strike in almost twenty years, I would not be surprised if we break that streak given how things have been going at my work for the past two years. It is all so much ughhhh and arghhh.

(I also can't read anything about the NHLPA's contract negotiations without giving myself low-level anxiety for the rest of the day.)

The work issues have been really draining, so I've been feeling even more introverted than usual for the past couple months. But the past two weekends I hung out with a friend I hadn't seen in a while and had a good time. So go me for forcing myself to make plans and stop ignoring my friends.

Yesterday was a really nice day though. The BF gave me my Christmas present early: breakfast (pancakes because I'd been wishing for some earlier in the week), a women's style Austin Jackson jersey (that I look very cute in, if I may say so), and tickets to the Tigers game that day. It was ♥super romantic♥. The weather was just about perfect for a ball game - a little cool when the sun was hidden and occasional rain sprinkles, but not uncomfortable - and the only thing that could have made it better would have been a win. (I will be sad if Cabrera is denied winning MVP finally because the Tigers failed to make the playoffs.) It makes me smile remembering it.

I was sort of productive technologically today. I redid my journal style so that it is now spiffy and pretty, I got the FM radio working on my stereo, I finally updated the music on my iPod, and I may have bricked my wireless router trying to update it (it was only working intermittently prior to the possible bricking). I'll retackle the router tomorrow because I only have so much energy to devote to troubleshooting it.
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Saturday, May 5th, 2012 03:37 pm
I am the worst combination of technological simpleton and internet power user. I don't really know coding or javascript or CSS, but I want everything to work/look exactly how I want it to. I have apparently ignited a desire to make all of the internet look better since that's what I've been doing all last night and this morning/afternoon. I am getting better at creating frankencode though, so I guess that's a plus?

I have:
-gotten annoyed that I can no longer quickly look up a URL on Delicious (thus kicking everything off)
--attempted to modify the Pinboard URL look-up bookmarklet to work for Delicious
---created something that almost worked but not really
----found a bookmarklet made by someone else that actually works
-----successfully edited said bookmarklet so that it doesn't open in a new tab

-edited my webpage color zapping bookmarklet so it zaps things into colors that don't hurt my eyes
--with the caveat that I couldn't figure out how to get hexadecimal colors to work, just HTML color names

-decided to tackle AO3 after having been buoyed by these successes
--failed to find any already created userscripts that both did something I liked and worked
---looked at AO3's create skin page and skittered away in fear
----browsed all the public skins and found some that did things I liked but weren't just right
-----went back to the create skin page
------successfully combined the bits I liked, deleted the bits I didn't like, edited the colors, and even created a tiny bit

AO3 looks glorious now! )

I am so incredibly pleased with everything (but especially the AO3 skin because putting it all together was a lot of work for me) because now the internet feels a little bit more right.
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Friday, February 4th, 2005 04:57 pm
I played around with making a purple and blue layout. If you want to use it, the colors are as follows:

Header background color: #e6e6fa
Text color on headers: #000033
Menu background color: #dcc7ff
Text color on menus: #000033
Title background color: #2e0854
Text color on titles: #e6e6fa
Content background color: #e6e6fa
Text color on content areas: #000033
Page background color: #f8f8ff
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Friday, February 4th, 2005 01:57 am
This is the hexcode for my current layout.

Generator style - S2 system )

And I couldn't figure out what all the options for the comment bar were, so I just left those.
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Monday, August 18th, 2003 02:56 pm
I finally got around to changing the "post comment" and "read comment" links, so yay for that. I don't think what I've got is exceedingly original, but I did think of it all by myself, so there. And I've changed the colors to something brighter, mainly so that this journal is identifiable by sight. (Previously, it had the same color scheme as my real life journal.)

The new color scheme, recorded so I don't forget it )

[This is the color scheme using S2 Generator]
Entry background: #CCFFFF
Entry text color: #003366
Link color: #9900CC
Visited link color: #9966CC
Active link color: #9933CC
Page background color (and around userpics): #F3F6F6
Background color for the bar above entries: #DDDDDD
Text color for the bar above entries: #9900CC
Background color for the bar below entries: #F3F6F6
Text color for the bar below entries: #003366

[This is the color scheme using S2 A Sturdy gesture]
Page background: #F3F6F6
Box border color: #555555
Box content color: #003366
Box background color: #CCFFFF
Box heading text color: #9900CC
Box heading background color: #DDDDDD
Link color: #9900CC
Visited link color: #9966CC