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Friday, December 30th, 2016 01:36 pm
Every once in a while as I wander the internet, I come across someone's list of OTPs and have fun reading through them. And then I entertain the thought that it might be fun to make a similar list for myself. And then I give up the thought either because I'm not much of an OTP-type (so the list would be too short to be fun) or because there are way too many ships that I like (so the list would be dauntingly long). It's a thought I've had multiple times before, except this time I was like, "Haha, I bet there are enough ships that I ship that I could post about one every day for a year." And then I thought about it and realized that was...probably true. So I made a list of ships that I like and there aren't 365 on there, but it's close.

I would not be surprised if, over the course of the year, I were to remember/acquire enough ships to make it 365.

So I decided I actually did want to do this! We'll see if I can keep up momentum, I guess, but either way it should make for an interesting ride. To qualify as a Ship that I Ship (instead of, for example, being a ship I've read a bunch of because it's the fandom juggernaut), a ship has to be one I've deliberately sought out fic for or spent a not insignificant amount of time daydreaming about. The actual entries are probably going to be a mix of my personal history with regards to the ship, why I like it, and probably some super-informal recs in a mostly stream of consciousness fashion. There'll be a lot of male slash and het, but not exclusively, and ships can range from super popular to I am the only one in this corner waving this flag.
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Friday, February 10th, 2012 11:45 pm
I have been trying to get into hockey fandom for something like the past two months and failing because it turns out I am a much bigger Red Wings fan than I'd thought. And the Red Wings do not seem to engender fandom squee (or at least none where I can find it). So every time I'd try to read something - because I like squee and fic about dudes failing at emotions! - I would just be, "Ugh, who cares about the Blackhawks/Penguins/whoever, the Wings are clearly the best," and have to quit reading.

So frustrating! (Also frustrating was missing nearly every game because I thought I didn't get the channel they typically got shown on. Turns out I do get that channel, whoo.)

But I think I may have figured out why no one loves the Red Wings (despite the fact that they are awesome): we're essentially the NY Yankees of the NHL. I think we were the Yankees before the salary cap got implemented. So if what I think is true, it is not really surprising that no one loves the Wings except for Wings fans.

Figuring this out has quieted my inner fan enough that I can read about teams who are not the Red Wings. Yay! Figuring out that I can watch the Wings even when the Pistons are playing also helped a lot too, not gonna lie.

And, oh man, tonight's game! So exciting! We extended our home win streak to nineteen games, yes! And if we can beat the Flyers on Sunday, we'll be tying their record. I was annoyed at Bertuzzi for getting three penalties (out of seven Wings penalties) but then he scored the winning shot in the shootout, so I guess it was okay. Also his job on the ice does generally result in hm getting penalties, so it's not like it was unexpected of him. But, man, all those power plays were not helping us get that nineteenth win. And I am so glad MacDonald did not suck at goaltending as much as he did in the previous game I saw him play where he gave up four goals.

I almost forgot my favorite bit of the game! As excited as I am for the win, I thought it was hilarious when the announcers were like, "LOL, Hudler, good job keeping hold of your stick when you try to get in a fight. You're too small otherwise to be effective."
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Saturday, July 16th, 2005 06:12 pm
It's been a year now since I first got interested in comics and superheroes and whatnot. And now I want to articulate some thoughts of mine. After reading all twenty-four issues of the current run of Outsiders in one go, something struck me. Comics work infinitely better if I can read an entire storyline together. I can't stand the stop-and-go nature of comics where I get to read a chapter and then am forced to wait a month to read the next chapter.

I think the problem is this: when I have to wait, it gives me way too much time to dwell on how things could have been better or which bits didn't work and/or make sense or how my favorite characters got shafted somehow. If I read a story arc together rather than piecemeal, then I can see how things work out before condemning them. Or my favorite characters may be ignored for the first half of the story but not the second, so it's all good. And it's a lot easier for me to focus on the enjoyable bits that way too.

A good example would probably be The Titans, which ran from 1999-2003. By the time I was interested in reading this title, all the issues had already come out. I was able to read it at my own pace, which took about a month to read fifty-seven issues. And yeah, there were things I disliked in this title. The orphan kids were pointless and slightly annoying most of the time. I adored Grant, and he ended up shuttled off to live with the Navajo never to be seen again except for two rather bad issues. I didn't particularly like Jesse having an affair with her mother's fiance. And yet, I'd say that I enjoyed the title quite a bit. If I'd been forced to read one issue a month, if nothing else, I would have been ready to stab the orphan kids several times over by the end. I probably would have either given up at some point, or I would have had to force myself to keep reading since if I start a series, I am very determined to finish it.

And then I wonder why my mind works this way where the inherent nature of comics makes thhem frustrating for me. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because these are the reading habits I've formed over the past twenty years. I've never read any comics other than those that appear in the newspaper until last year. And with books, there's never anything forcing you to stop at a chapter unless there's something else you need to be doing. Me, I often say I'm going to read one chapter of my book before bed, and I end up reading five.

And then the obvious comparison would be to say that, well, most books are self-contained while comics aren't designed to be. So comics would be more like a book series and sometimes you have to wait years for the next book in the series. Except, then the problem is that the books in a series are still self-contained. Yes, a book may not make sense without having read the previous ones, but I don't think I've ever read a series where there isn't an ending of some sort for each individual book. (I'm quite sure there are fantasy series where this is not true. My brother says the Wheel of Time series is like this, but I refuse to read it until it's finished if I ever do.)

So obviously comparing comics to books does not work for me. However, there are lots of tv shows where the entire season is a story arc and the episodes aren't self-contained. This does not mean shows like Buffy, since while Buffy has story arcs, it still feels like there's some sort of ending even if nothing gets resolved. No, I'm talking about shows like Lost or Desperate Housewives for two ready examples. Except... I never watched those shows religiously. Desperate Housewives pissed me off, so I try and avoid watching it. The few episodes of Lost I've watched with my mom made it seem like a show I could definitely enjoy, but I don't know if it's non-endings would start to frustrate me or not. And I can't think of any show that I enjoy watching where the episodes don't have endings of some sort, barring two-part episodes and the like.

And all this rambling ends with me having to say that individual comic issues are like chapters to me and it bugs me when I can't read chapters in my own time. So unless I want to stockpile comics until a story arc is finished, reading them is bound to be an exercise in frustration for me. And I wish I could find some way around this because I really do adore so many of the characters I meet in comics.
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Wednesday, February 9th, 2005 01:12 am
My roommate's going on about how the twist in tonight's Big O is really awesome. Roger gets bonked on the head, and when he wakes up he's a homeless, crazy guy in NYC. All I can think is that, hey, Buffy did a similar thing and I was much more interested in Buffy than I am in Big O. ...Dude, TNG did a similar trick in "Shades of Grey" I think it was-- the one where Riker thinks he's going crazy and he gets to play a crazy guy in Beverly's play and he gets captured by someone. Yeah, that one. So my roommate keeps saying how cool this is, and I am thinking that it's been done several times before. It's nifty, but not new.

...It would probably help if I could take this show seriously. I know it's all noir and looking at the idea of memory and all sorts of stuff that actually is nifty. But it's called Big O, for Pete's sake. The main character yells "Big O, go!" into his watch on a regular basis. Just now, Roger said, "Big O was waiting for me." How can I not snicker?

::thinks:: I bet it says something about me that I never cease to be amused anytime anyone says "Big O" in this show.