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Sunday, February 12th, 2017 12:52 pm
Canon: Zootopia
Pairing: Judy Hopps/Nick Wilde
Canon Level: Friends/Partners

This pairing is basically canon for me. Like, I know it's technically not, but they just read to me like they're being set up for the emotional plot of Zootopia 2 (if there is one) to center on their romance. Probably this is at least partially because I have been conditioned to expect seeing one male protagonist and one female protagonist lead to romance by the end of the movie/series/book/other piece of media. But I think I'd ship them even without that because they work so well together. Judy's conviction in her ideals inspires Nick to reach higher himself. They also provide a good counterbalance to each other with Nick's street smarts and Judy's knowledge of the law. And Nick can be just as stubborn as Judy, which is good because she needs someone to keep her on her toes. Plus it makes for great banter.

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