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Monday, January 4th, 2010 11:29 am
I had two wonderful stories written for me. The Quicke and the Fed by Perri Smith is my original gift. It's about Kyle Quicke from Jennifer Estep's Bigtime series, and it's absolutely perfect. Perri captured all the things I love about the series -- it's got a fight, humor, wacky superheroes and ubervillains, cameos from a ton of canon characters, and even a bit of potential romance. I love Kyle's reasoning for trying to be in the spotlight so much and how important his restaurant is to him. It's one of the lesser read stories on Yuletide this year due to being fic for an almost unknown series of romance novels, and I wish it wasn't because I really do think that people unfamiliar with the canon but who like crazy superhero stuff would love this too.

I also had a treat written for me, Happy Owlidays by Ponderosa, which is a little holiday fic for the Owly comic books. And it too was perfect. I'm really pleased with the way she handled dialogue because the comics don't have words in the speech bubbles, just pictograms. But Owly and Wormy and Racoon sounded just like how I hear them, to the point where I sometimes mentally substituted in what I thought the pictogram would be if it were an actual comic. Sadly this is also one of the lesser read stories in the archive, even though it shouldn't be because it is heart-warming and adorable.

I wrote Old Friends for [personal profile] mesmiranda in the Up fandom. The story came out a bit more rushed (in one particular spot especially) than I would have liked because my holiday season was a bit more rushed than I thought it would be. But [personal profile] mesmiranda liked it and there are quite a few bits I enjoyed writing as well, so I think it was a success.