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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 04:56 pm
Canon: Troubleshooters, Inc.
Pairing: Jules Cassidy/Robin Chadwick
Canon Level: Married

I just want to read about Jules, and if Robin is the one who makes him happy, then so be it. Jules is awesome--supremely competent and unapologetic about who he is while still also being warm and approachable. Both Robin and Jules are willing to work on things because they want their relationship. Jules needs someone who's willing to focus on him and who's brave enough to stand by him, both things that Robin does admirably (even if it takes him a little while). And Robin needs someone who thinks he's worth it and who can help support him, which Jules does.

Suggested reading:
Three Times Jules Cassidy Almost Wished He Wasn't With the FBI (And One Time He Was Glad He Was) by [ profile] misura
Sucker by [ profile] ginandironic
An Unexpected Souvenir by [ profile] redbrunja
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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 10:02 pm
Yuletide 2008 sign-ups opened today, so now I get to agonize about what I'm offering to write. The requests were fairly easy to decide this year, although now I have to figure out what I want to write as prompts for them.

However, the slightly odd yet awesome start to this year's Yuletide is that my third request from last year got written as a NYR story. Painted Love by [ profile] misura is exactly what I wanted when I asked for Jules and Robin from Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters Inc books. There's romance and Jules being awesome and oh, I love it.

So Painted Love was a surprise but also a really good reminder of why I want to do Yuletide again: So I can (*crosses fingers*) make someone as happy with their story as I was with each of mine last year. I think this is a good reminder because I can already feel anxiety about ruining someone's Yuletide creeping up on me.
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Friday, October 19th, 2007 12:54 am
I got my [ profile] yuletide assignment, which I figured meant now's a good time to post this! So. [ETA: Apparently, I'll be getting a new assignment. But I still figure now's a good time for the Yuletide letter.]

Dear [ profile] yuletide writer,

You volunteered to write me a story in a fandom that is dear to my heart, thank you! I adore the characters I requested so I'll love any story that lets them be in the spotlight and gives them a chance to shine. Beyond that, my prompts are just to give you ideas or a starting place if you need one. I am extremely easy to please, so I will be utterly thrilled with whatever it is you write for me simply because it is for me and in one of my beloved fandoms.

General preferences tend towards happy, fun stories more than sad, angsty ones. I am a total sucker for domesticity and romance, although I define romance very broadly. A traditional, candlelit dinner can be romantic, but so can a cutthroat game of poker. It all depends on what's appropriate for the characters involved. On the other hand, I also like seeing the characters in action, doing whatever it is they do. They may be catching criminals or having undersea adventures or making movies or something else! Again, I'm easy. (Actually, I'm kind of slutty when it comes to reading. There isn't a genre that I refuse to read, so go with what you think you can write best. Really!)

[ETA: I want to clarify what I meant by happy stories because I just realized that it might sound like all I want is a fluffy bunny story full of sunshine and rainbows. And I like that, but I also like stories that are just about life and its foibles. So long as, at the end, everyone's okay or mostly okay or on the road to being okay, then I count that as happy. Sad is when everyone's dead at the end.]

I will admit to a preference for slash, but gen is completely okay with me as well. (Except in the case of Jules and Robin. If you are one of the few who offered to write Suzanne Brockmann fic, daring writer, I would be very surprised by gen because, well, the relationship is canon. But I don't think you would have offered to write them if that was a problem.) If you decide to go the slash route, sex can happen or not depending on if you think the story needs it.

If you want more more, fandom-specific info )

Despite all my blather, what I said in the first paragraph still stands. I will love whatever you write because it is a story in one of my beloved fandoms. Everything else is just icing on the cake, and you can take it or leave it as you please.
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Monday, August 20th, 2007 10:02 pm
Today was not intended to be a good book-buying day, despite going to the used bookstore, Borders, and the library.

The used bookstore was to see if they had any Joseph Hansen or Richard Stevenson novels. They didn't. (I believe if I want these two, I have to either visit my friend in NYC again or buy them online.) But they did have Night Watch, which I hadn't bought yet only because I dislike paying for oversized paperbacks. So the used price was too good to pass up. And then I read the back of Uncharted Territory, thought it sounded like it was full of fun and wackiness, and couldn't not get it.

Borders was a bust, but I knew that going into the store. I wanted a specific dvd, and their online inventory said it wasn't in stock.

And the library was just to return two books. But I decided to check and see if they had a copy of Suzanne Brockmann's Hot Target. And they did. So I borrowed it. I've even started reading it already because goodness knows I wouldn't want to read one of the other eight books I've got a bookmark stuck in.