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Friday, May 26th, 2017 01:34 pm
Canon: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Pairing: Jean-Luc Picard/Q
Canon Level: Antagonists

Q seems to take a lot of joy from antagonizing Picard and delights when Picard manages to beat his challenges. And while Picard is certainly irritated by Q and the deadly games he plays with Enterprise crew, I think Picard has too much curiosity to not be fascinated in Q and what he can do and all the potential that's wrapped up in Q's being. Could Q manage a romance with a mortal? Eh, maybe, maybe not. But I do think he'd enjoy making the effort at a serious something even if it's not a traditional romance.

Suggested reading:
A Kiss Before The War by [ profile] AlaraJRogers
Past Duties by [ profile] astolat
The Indomitable Picard by [ profile] jedibuttercup
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Friday, May 7th, 2010 07:45 pm
This week's [community profile] fannish5 -- name your five favorite spaceships -- is surprisingly tough! I had to do research to come up with five I really liked as opposed to five I could easily remember.

The Enterprise-D (Star Trek: The Next Generation) is definitely number one. TNG was my first fannish love, back when I was still in elementary school, and I can't choose anything else. The others aren't in any particular order.

The USS Defiant (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) is an awesomely tough little ship, and DS9 was made even better by its addition to the show. Plus it's the only Federation ship with a cloaking device. Totally cool.

The TARDIS (Doctor Who)! It travels in both time and space. Who wouldn't want to catch a ride in it?

Rama (Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama) was my introduction to hard scifi, so I have a soft spot for it.

And finally Ryo-Ohki (Tenchi Muyo!) because it's a spaceship that turns into a cute cat/rabbit animal.
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Monday, January 19th, 2004 01:39 pm
Dunno if anyone reads this, but I finished a story last night. It's an Imzadi fic and can be found here at It's about Riker and Troi's second honeymoon since the first one got cut short. I quite enjoyed writing it, so maybe you'll like reading it.