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Sunday, March 19th, 2017 10:44 pm
Canon: Star Ocean: The Second Story
Pairing: Celine Jules/Opera Vectra
Canon Level: Friendly

Star Ocean: The Second Story is such a fun game. I normally do not like grinding, but with this game I really enjoyed save scrumming for hours so I could work at leveling up the characters' skills. (Iron Chef minigame is best minigame.) And the characters are all colorful and fun too. My preferred party was Claude, Chisato, Opera, and Celine, so it's probably not too out there that my ship of choice at the end of the game was Celine/Opera. They would be so awesome together! Celine, a treasure hunter with a taste for adeventure, and Opera, a noble lady with a bigass gun. (I did not care one lick about Ernest then, and I still do not care about him one way or another now.) I got the solo endings for Opera, where Opera stands on her balcony alone and wonders how everyone is doing, and Celine, who's off in some ruins hunting for treasure. And really, the obvious solution to Opera's dilemma was, in my opinion, clearly to join Celine in her adventures.

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