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Sunday, February 26th, 2017 11:02 pm
Canon: The Magnificent Seven
Pairing: Joshua Faraday/Vasquez
Canon Level: Coworkers

When I started this thing, I didn't quite have 365 ships on my giant spreadsheet but figured I would probably pick up some more between January and December. Then I started actually posting every day, and it turns out it takes a good chunk of my daily free time! So I thought, oh well, 343 ships will still be pretty impressive. Then I came across a fic described as having hurt/comfort with a realistic depiction of hypothermia, and I went don't mind if I do. Then I saw it was also a superpower AU, and I went definitely do not mind if I do. And then I saw that it was part five of an 88k word series and only resurfaced a week later having read everything for these two on AO3 that looked half-way readable to me plus a few things that didn't.

And I am quite glad I backed into this fandom fic-first because spoilers. ) But I've seen the movie now and enjoyed it lots and am even more down with Farady/Vasquez. Is it so wrong to enjoy pretty men in vests smirking while they fondle their guns? But no, seriously, there is something great about these two facing off against each other, both of them just daring the other to be the one to take things one step further.

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