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Friday, February 10th, 2017 06:43 pm
Canon: Les Misérables
Pairing: Javert/Jean Valjean
Canon Level: Antagonists

Just...give me all the post-canon longfic of these keeping each other company with a very gradual blossoming romance. (It should probably be noted that Javert is one of many characters for whom I take the Richie Ryan post-canon approach. While there certainly can be good and interesting takes on post-canon that keep everyone in the same state they were at the end of canon, I mostly have little desire to spend my downtime reading them.) But post-canon Richie Ryaned Javert is fascinating! He changes his worldview very drastically, and I find it much more satisfying to see him work out how this manifests in his life going forward. Javert will always be serious-minded and even rather dour, I think, but now he has a cnahce to be happy even if his path is so much more difficult now. And I think Valjean, being the ultimate cause for Javert's changed worldview, could be in a unique position to debate with Javert philosophically and make a new friend. I think a romance would be something new for both of them, two older men who've seen and done a lot over their lives but somehow not this.

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