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Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 02:02 am
Canon: The Goblin Emperor
Pairing: Csethiro Ceredin/Maia Drazhar
Canon Level: Engaged

I was not super invested in Csethiro and Maia when I finished the book, but The Goblin Emperor is a tiny enough fandom that I gave some fic about them a try just for something to read. And it was really good and interesting! Csethiro and Maia are sweet together, both of them sounding out the other and trying to build a satisfying romantic relationship out of what's required of them. Maia, for all that he has an indomitable will, has a gentle and compassionate soul, whereas Csethiro's soul is made of fire and hidden by society's standards for her. It makes them good for each other, for Maia to have someone so fiercely and personally protective of him and for Csethiro to have someone who wants her to be herself as fully as possible.

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coprime: two game-obsessed, winning-obsessed nerds (ships that I ship)
Tuesday, March 28th, 2017 01:20 pm
Canon: The Goblin Emperor
Pairing: Csevet Aisava/Maia Drazhar
Canon Level: Friends, Emperor/Subordinate

Csevet and Maia make for such a sweet couple, for all that them being together would be fraught with secrecy due to their positions. Csevet is clearly devoted to Maia, and Maia cares deeply for Csevet. It's not hard to imagine that such warm feelings might develop into romantic love, especially given how much time they spend with each other and how closely they work together.

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