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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005 07:14 pm
My computer arrived in the mail this morning, which is wow. I gave it to Apple on Sunday, they mailed it to Texas to be fixed, and I got it back on Wednesday. That is fast. And they didn't have to erase my hard drive! So I'm convinced that Apple has great customer service, assuming that you're willing to pay. (They even shipped it to my dorm, so I didn't have to wait till the next time I went home to get it.)

In the thirty minutes my computer has been on, its screen hasn't had any problems. Which is good, haha.

While computer-deprived, I read the first five volumes of the Fruits Basket manga, which my roommate has been trying to pimp to me for the past two months. And yes, I've really been enjoying them. I like all the characters, even though Akito brings an element of creepy/wrong that feels all the more creepy because the rest of the manga is fairly happy-go-lucky feeling. If I'd know what Tohru (the main character) was like before starting, I would have expected to be annoyed by her Pollyanna attitude. But, I'm pleasantly surprised that she's actually quite sympathetic.

Hmm, I'm thinking of naming my computer Trompy. There is a thought process behind this, but it's boring. And doesn't make much sense.