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coprime ([personal profile] coprime) wrote2017-06-09 12:24 pm

Ships that I Ship: Day 153: Brainy/Lyle

Canon: Legion of Super-Heroes
Pairing: Querl Dox/Lyle Norg
Canon Level: Friends/Colleagues

I am most familiar with the Threeboot continuity, fairly familiar with the Rebooted continuity, and somewhat familiar with the cartoon continuity. I am down with Brainiac 5 and Lyle in whatever incarnation I can get them, although the Reboot continuity is the most adorable version. Brainy and Lyle are a good match for each other intellectually, Brainy being more intelligent and Lyle being more creative, so they feel like they'd make good partners. Querl's not always the best at social situations, but I feel like Lyle would understand as he's one of the very few people who can follow Querl's though process and who can appreciate fully Brainy's efforts. And I think Lyle would pose a good challenge to Brainy and force him to expand his thinking and keep him from getting stuck.

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