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Ships that I Ship: Day 150: Gunn/Wesley

Canon: Angel
Pairing: Charles Gunn/Wesley Wyndam-Price
Canon Level: Colleagues

Gotta admit, I first got into this one because of the Two Hot Guys factor. But then I stated with it because Gunn and Wesley are fun together and generally not too broody. They come from different worlds with correspondingly different world views, so they clash occasionally, but they're united with a common purpose so their clashes don't devolve into fighting. Which makes for fun reading! Gunn encourages Wesley to be less staid, and Wesley is a fun challenge for Gunn.

Suggested reading:
Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson by [ profile] shrift
Wesley's Liberal Guilt by Jessica Harris
Contrapuntal by [ profile] mimesere
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[personal profile] out_there 2017-06-07 11:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, I loved Gunn/Wesley back in the day. Gunn is so much fun (down to earth and very capable, and far more disciplined and motivated than he seems at first glance) and Wesley is my guy. I have a super soft-spot for conservative, reflective characters, the ones who change so much depending on their surroundings. (I mean, I'm fond of most of the BtVS/AtS characters but Wesley I especially love, in all his forms.)

And I love all three of those stories, so time for some nostalgic reading.