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June 10th, 2017

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Saturday, June 10th, 2017 03:25 am
Canon: Aria
Pairing: Akira Ferrari/Alicia Florence/Athena Glory
Canon Level: Friends

Oh, Aria, I am never sure quite what to make of you. The show itself has lots of female characters who are friends and work together and go on adventures together, and then I occasionally venture out to see if I can find fic for it...and it's all het. I get that all the main characters have a designated male interest, but I find the dudes so boring in this series. I really wish there was something for the older generation of Alicia, Athena, and Akira! They're all still friends, and there are so many teases in the canon with them telling the current generation main characters some of their exploits from when they were younger. I want them organizing a night out for themselves with Akira and Alicia convincing Athena to do karaoke so they can hear her sing, and Alicia teasing Akira and Athena in a flirty way as she tries to fluster them, and all of them just enjoying each other's company.

Suggested reading:
None, sadly. I had one but it got deleted.